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Linda Ready
Name Linda Ready
Location Edmonton, Alberta
Age 59
Joined 595 days ago
Hobbies Bird watcher,Fishing,Hunting,Gardener,Rock Hoound
About Me I was born on a Navy Base in the middle of Mojave Desert to a USMC family and moved all over US & Canada.I have worked in Forestry and Fish & Wildlife for most of my life.I love cats & dogs
Linda Ready
Message from Ellen
584 days ago

Thank you for being a great person!

Linda Ready
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591 days ago

Hi again!
Please keep up the great job of making people happy in very sad times!!!!!
Linda from Canada

Linda Ready
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595 days ago

I want to say thank you for all the great work you do for the common people and men and woman of the miltary through out the year.
If more people could just do one thing like you do do,the world would be a better place for all!
Have a great 2013 and happy holidays.
Linda from Edmonton,Alberta,CANADA