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Linda Pyron
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About Me I made a full career change 5 years ago. I had been in mortgages and banking for 25 to 30 years and 5 years ago I became a corrections officer. I had been doing volunteer work for law enforcement for 6+ years. My bank was laying people off as positions were combined so I decided to get paid for what I loved to do anyway.
Linda Pyron
Bethenny Discusses Her Divorce
568 days ago

I was watching and crying with Bethenny. I have been married 35 years and a year ago my husband got into smoking "Spice" and having an affair with the married woman across the street who was his drug buddy. My kids and I tried everything to get him to stop, including our own intervention but nothing has worked. Now I kicked him out and am filing for a divorce. I waited 61 years to get my dream home and dream car. I have now had to trade down on my car to save $200 a month and since I had my husband covered on my insurance I am changing him over to straight medicare to save myself another $400 per month (He just turned 65 so he will still have coverage this way). My kids have told me to move in with them because no matter how I figure it and cut back every other way it looks like I will have to give up the house because I just can't make the payments without his income. I don't want to be a burgen to my kids and its so painful to walk around this wonderful home that I love so much knowing I will lose it but I just keep telling myself that I tried everything I could to save this marriage but I have to go forward with a new life and be thankful to have the support of my kids, other family and friends. Bethenny I wish you the best of everything and I sincerely I know you will be happy again one day... you just have to get there. Now I feel like in following you and your plight that I have someone else to go through this with together. We can do this and we will. Be Happy and have faith in yourself.