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Bethenny Frankel and Ricky Gervais
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WOW, listening to Bethenny talk about her divorce was heartbreaking. I hope she finds comfort in her family and friends. I too am going thru a divorce. My husband and I separated on Christmas Day 2012, yes Christmas Day. My birthday was on Dec 28, I also feel like such a failure to myself, our marriage and also to my husband he is the military and is dealing with PTSD. He has been on one tour of duty to Afghanistan and is scheduled to go back in 2014. The feelings and emotions are coming so fast, that I can't type that fast before the next thought comes to mind. I am a total loss of what my future holds. I do know that I am strong and a fighter and I will survive this day by day. Thank you Bethenny for coming forward and speaking about your divorce. Your strength gives me so much hope! I have always loved watching Ellen!! And now I look forward to watching The Bethenny Show!!