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Linda McClellan
Name Linda McClellan
Age 58
Joined 450 days ago
Hobbies Camping, bike riding with my grandchildren and daycare children,Taking the daycare children to the beach across the street to find treasures shells,driftwood,stones
About Me I am happily married to a wonderful husband for the past 37 years. I have daughter and son-in-law that have our two wonderful Grandson's. I also have a son and daughter-in-law that have our beautiful Granddaughter. I feel so BLESSED to have a Wonderful family.
Linda McClellan
And the Day 12 Winners Are...
450 days ago

I would really Love to come to one of your shows. You are such a funny and happy person. You know how to surprise so many different people with all kinds of things. I am really hoping you can surprise me by winning ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways.I am a hard working in Home Daycare owner for the past 31 Years. I am also watching second generation children now. Pretty amazing to be watching your past daycare children's little ones. I Love my job and very seldom buy anything for my self. I am hoping you will consider me.THANK YOU VERY MUCH ELLEN:) May God Bless you and your wonderful show.