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Linda Mahoney
Name Linda Mahoney
Location Spring Hill, Florida
Joined 233 days ago
Hobbies Jigfsaw puzzles, taking care of my plants, L:ike being with my family, 2 adult children, 3 Grandchildren and 1 Great grand daughter and 1 boy due in March
About Me I have been widowed three times the first time was when I was 46 yrs old. I am married again for the 4th time to a wonderful man. don't know what I would do without him, probably live with one of my kids. I use oxygen at night and get short of breath at times, so he is stuck with me, but he never complaines. We will be married 3 years Feb. 14th. I have been blessed to say the least, and of course you know I am blind on my left side as I had cancer in my eye after being married only after 9 months. We found out on 11/11/11 veternan's day. My husband is a retired sailor he spent 23 years as a submariner then 15 years as a policemen in Waterford Conn. it was a miracle that we met. And I watch Ellen every day
Linda Mahoney
Ellen's New Product: The Eye Patch
233 days ago

Dear Ellen, Two years ago I lost my eye. Wish the patch came out
Then I could have used till I got my prostectic eye. I had to order ones on line and wait for them. Thanks for getting a stye in your eye to dream up the patch. It's cute.