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Linda Lombado
Name Linda Lombado
Location Murrieta, Caslifornia
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Hobbies animals, horticulture, outdor activities and NFL football.... Green Bay Packers
About Me I am 54; I have 5 children, divorced, and recently unemployed. I find it difficult for someone my age to find a job. Most companies want younger. i have been struggling these past monthsand my car got stolen so I have no transportation, and I live with my son and his family ; sometimes I feel so worthless. You ellen give me hope and laughter thank you
Linda Lombado
Howie Mandel, Day 8 of 12 Days!
596 days ago

I want to be a Winner. Out in the "real World" ( stereotyped categories of people, Standards and Poor or Roberts Rules of Order. I am just the opposite, " Society" states Loser = Linda Lombardo. Its too general.... anyway Ellen just saying I live live below poverty means and unemployed etc. etc. so please pick me and so it can say Linda L., Murrieta, Ca listed under "Winners"

Linda Lombado
Ellen Recommends 'For the Sender' by Alex Woodard
600 days ago

My eldest boy and,second child of my five is Michael. He is 31 yrs old; born 3 weeks after his due date , and is the most responsible, hard-working man he has worked same job nearly 5 yrs. called sick less than I can count on one hand makes dollar more a hour more than the state minumum, hourly wage for Cali
employed, he is married officially for going on 3 yrs has 2 children; Serena soon to be 9 on the 17th of Dec, and Lucas soon to be 2 on the 17th of Feb