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Linda Landowski
Name Linda Landowski
Location Custer, WI.
Joined 679 days ago
Hobbies Loves Old Mopar Cars & other Old Classic & muscle Cars, Cancer fighter & walker, Loves all Animals, Especially my Cats, Random acts of Kindness, Doing Good Deeds,Raising houseplants & loves to decorate. Loves to inspire & help.
About Me I got TNB Cancer in 2010. I hope to regain any Quality of Life. I share all I can to help others get less side effects or pain. Strangers are Friends I've yet to meet. I've been with my Husband since we met on Christmas Eve, 1976. He was 18 & I was 16. We exist on Zero income! Living on Love & a Prayer. I'm a Proud wife, mother, Grandmother & friend! I love to make memories & be there for everyone that needs me! Though I feel like I'm aged into my 80's! Cancer side effects & lack of needful tests, care, meds, treatments Etc.. But I'm a strong willed fighter! I survived a lied to, 'Abused childhood so it made me strong enough. I know God saved me for a purpose! I chose to make a difference and be heard. Cancer sucks! We need Prevention, Quality of Life after Cancer without recurrence & a Cure!
Linda Landowski
Jude Law, Blind Pilot
549 days ago

Happy 55TH Birthday Ellen!! My husband turns 55 in June! Its so neat to see someone our age on TV. You get more Beautiful each year! Your Show is so entertaining! Thank You for all that you do for people! Who couldn't Love a Target gift Card & a Gas Card!! Great gifts!! I hope you get all of your birthday wishes coming True for you!! I hope you get many rewards for the sincere kindness you show others!! We too Love animals!!

Linda Landowski
Win Ellen's 12 Days of Giveaways!
606 days ago

Thank You for giving us Smiles, laughs & sunlight!! My husband lost his job in '09. I got Cancer in 2010. We're living on Love & a Prayer, with zero income!! But your show besides the hefty rural cable bill. Your show is Free!! Wishing you every happiness.I'm proud of all of the good and care you share!

Linda Landowski
10th Anniversary Show
628 days ago

Wow is it really 10 Years! Thank You & Congrats ' for 10 years of Giving.. I sure hope one day to leave WI. to attend a Show. But times just keep getting worse! My husband lost his job in '09. Then I got Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2010. It left me feeling like I was tortured and left to Die. But I'm alive! Living on Love & a Prayer with zero income. I hoped in the music clips to see Keith Urban! He's my favorite Singer. His songs Helped me live to love another day! I hope to meet you one Day. Meet Keith one day to Thank you both for the entertaining and the Smiles!! Take Good care!! Wishing you many more years of pure success and happiness. BTW- We Love Cats too! Since my Cancer I lost 7 & am down to seven. that's hard to get over.. When a Cat has Cancer & Dies from it while fighting Cancer at the same time!! Maybe one day We'll Win a Trip to meet you and be on your Show! We have Hope & we Believe the best is yet to come for everyone!

Linda Landowski
Ellen Shaves Kellie's Head
679 days ago

Thank you for getting the word out on Breast Cancer and caring! I'm SO Proud of Kellie Pickler for being her friend's Cancer Buddy. I'd Loved to have had a friend like her. However my oldest Daughter did offer to shave her head. When I lost every single hair on my Body & my trademark 3'foot long hair. Many people didn't recognise me! Also when I was bald you could see I lived a Abused childhood and my scars were so visible! My head pounded for weeks as my hair follicles Died! We had to do this the hard way and go without.. Since my Husband lost his job in '09. Then I got Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2010. We to date, have Zero income! I feel My treatments robbed me of life and aged me to feeling 80+!! Kellie is a great sport. But I can't say I Loved the initials you did in her new hair growth. I cried. But I'm broken, emotional and hate to see others Suffer like I have. My Motto is Nice Matters. Maybe I'm different but it wasn't funny. I only saw my own mother a few times in my Life! The last time was seeing her Dying from Breast Cancer. I was 19 & pregnant and saw her at age 46, Dying and never to have a relationship with me or our Baby. However I do Hope one day we can have Cancer Prevention, Quality of Life after Cancer without recurrence & a Cure! Thank you for having causes that Care! For believe me if you have no income! You do Cancer the hard way. My Best medicine besides my devoted husband's care, My Daughters care, and my Cat, Stinkie! She'd make the 'throw up' sounds for me each day as I was ill. She'd lay on the floor with me in the bathroom.. And be there when I'd be bedridden for 12 days. When I had Adriamycin/Cytoxan Chemo every other Monday. That painful Shot on Tuesday. Or when I had Weekly Taxol, Chemo. Stinkie was the best. For Emend was $100.00 per pill! Who can afford any of that for wellness, comfort or for healing? Not us. Not many.. Thank You again for caring. Way to go Kellie. Best of Lucvk to your friend in winning her battle! Best of helaing health I send to everyone.