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Linda K. Miles
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About Me I'm a retired teacher who had the pleasure of working with the friend I'm nominating for many years. I have the best husband in the world and 2 great children who are smart, loving, caring, and kind. I am in graduate school working on another Master's degree and hope to find work in the area of positive youth development with the goal of lessening bullying--especially of LGBTQ adolescents but also inclusive of all others. I run a small Etsy business to raise money for the local food bank.
Linda K. Miles
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195 days ago

My friend, Mickey Malmisur, a now retired teacher, began caring for an elder volunteer who would come to listen to her students read, over 25 years ago. Although there were nieces and nephews living in the same town as Donna, the volunteer, Mickey began lovingly care for her needs because the family was not looking out for her.

Donna is 96 years old now and is dying. Mickey is taking 12 hour shifts staying with Donna at her nursing home so that Donna will not be alone when she dies and to alert professionals in case Donna is in need and is unable to call for help.

Over the years, Mickey has consistently and selflessly cared for Donna's physical, medical, comfort, and emotional needs. Now in Donna's dying days, Mickey remains a loving stable presence for Donna. Mickey has been a loving and caring presence on Earth throughout her entire life and has devoted herself to her family, students and others like Donna her entire life. She deserves something truly special for herself.