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Linda Finken
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About Me I'm a divorced mom of 34 years. I raised two great kids alone who are now 37 and 35 years old. I've worked F/T since I was 18 and was able to retire in 2010, mainly for health reasons. I love the music of the late 60's, 70's and 80's. Some of my favorites over that time are the Cowsills, The Turtles, The Beatles, The Assocation, the Mamas and the Papas, Harry Chapin...that type of music is what I love and still love. I'm a Christian and love Jesus which means I love ALL people as God does. I love Ellen and I love her heart. She loves people too and is so kind which is why I love her so much. I've watched the Ellen Show from the start and it helped me SO MUCH. I was working a VERY stressful job (middle-shift) beginning in 2003 and so I was able to watch Ellen in the morning before work. Your show helped me to laugh and smile and made my laugh bearable while working that job for 8 years. Thank you, Ellen, for helping me to live through those very difficult years. I still watch Ellen every day and would love to come out to the show. But it's impossible to get tickets and I don't want to come all the way to L.A. to wind up in the riff-raff room! Being in Ellen's audience is on my bucket-list. Other than sports figures, Ellen is the only famous person I would like to meet because she has such a heart of gold. I just love Ellen!! We all have stories and mine is a very fortunate one when I hear others' stories. I do love children and have no grandkids to love. My daughter did get pregnant in high school and chose to give her up for adoption because it was the best thing for the baby. Each day goes by is another day that I don't have any grandkids to love. However, my granddaughter just turned 18 so we are hoping & praying that she will reach out to us. I have my fingers crossed!
Linda Finken
Rob Lowe on His Sons and Tattoos
104 days ago

I love seeing Rob Lowe on Ellen. I love seeing Rob anywhere since he is a distant cousin of mine on my Mom's side. I am eager to read his new book. His first book, "Stories I Only Tell My Friends" is excellent and a very well-written book, so I expect nothing less with his 2nd book. I would love to meet my cousin Rob someday if possible. I would love to meet ELLEN some day too!! What a great dream-come-true it would be for me to meet my cousin ON the ELLEN show!! I'm daring to dream. Anyway, I enjoy seeing Rob and he is looking great. We have some very good genes since I do not look like I'm quickly approaching my 60th birthday! Blessings to Rob and his family.