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Linda Fernandez
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Linda Fernandez
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570 days ago

Hey there Ellen! :-)

I would love to win the amazing prizes in your "Flurry of Giveaways"; it would be a lovely blessing and a delightful surprise!

Actually, there's so many gifts, it's more like a "Big Fluffy Blizzard"! :-)

Like so many others, it's been a very hard year for me and my family; financially, emotionally, and health-wise.

Even so, we count our blessings; especially in the light of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy and Hurricane Sandy.

So many broken hearts and great losses; our hearts and prayers are with them all.

Ellen, thank you for making our hearts lighter and our troubles easier to bear.

Keep on dancing, and sharing your joy and laughter in "2013"!

God bless you always!
Linda Fernandez

Linda Fernandez
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586 days ago

I know everyone has been through hard times and that they really, really want to win the Giveaway, but out of respect for the Victims of the Connecticut tragedy, could we maybe take one day and just remember them and their families, and also to take the time to show our kids and families how much they mean to us. Please. and God bless us all.

Linda Fernandez
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590 days ago

Love your show, Ellen; God bless you always!

Linda Fernandez
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593 days ago

Howdy Ellen :-) Wishing you and yours a Beautiful and Blessed Christmas and much joy in the New Year! We enjoy your show; your enthusiasm and joyful spirit is always an inspiration! God Bless!