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Linda E. Carter
Name Linda E. Carter
Location Baltimore, Maryland
Age 48
Joined 601 days ago
Hobbies reading horror books and traveling
About Me I am a good hearted caring person who loves a good laugh,set in my ways when it comes down to what I watch and my leisure time
Linda E. Carter
Super Bowl Show, Portia's Birthday!
542 days ago

Hey Ellen please accept my belated happy birthday wishes and tell Portia I said to have a very blessed and happy 40th birthday and I hope its everything that you two could have imagined. My birthday was 15Jan and I spent it watching your show, I had to let my internet go to pay my high gas n electric bill which is normally low when it was just me n my son but because of hard times I opened my home to my sister n her family (her fiance,son, her son's girlfriend and the grandson), now I'm not complaining because I've always taken in my family but had planned on treating myself, for my 47th birthday, some Ravens gear and hope to get invited to a SuperBowl party. Now I'm not use to asking anyone for anything because I'm usually the one who always help my family or friends when they need help but I really need you and Portia's help with getting to your SuperBowl show so that I may get an autograph copy of your book and if possible play for an opportunity to win SuperBowl tickets to cheer on my Ravens as our beloved Ray Lewis play his last game as our (Baltimore) most inspirational,Best middle line backer,great leader in the community and devoted father that has played in the NFL and that would be the best present that I could receive and out of all the tv talk shows I know that if anyone can make their fan wishes come true, then all one has to do is write to you Ellen and if its asking too much then I would understand and would still love to come see a taping of your show and if that's too much I'd still love an autographed copy of your book. Loving you and Portia ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!
Love Linda Carter

Linda E. Carter
Jamie Foxx, One Direction
580 days ago

I just loved your show today wished Jaime graced us with a song but I was so touched with the military surprised segment. Thanking God for you everyday! Love you

Linda E. Carter
What's Trending This Week
583 days ago

Hey Ellen please tell Tony that his shyness just blows me over and his Merry something something Cnristmas cd was hilirious, thanks for the laughs on this gloomy Monday

Linda E. Carter
Message from Ellen
584 days ago

Hello Ellen it has been a joy watching all the people that you have helped over the years and not just around the holidays and even though I watch your show faithfully and has entered everyday and haven't won it does my heart good to see your audience faces light up and the names of the winners who I know have to be feeling blessed and thanking God for you. I have never won anything in my life but I thank God everyday for my children family, friends and of course You, Ellen, for bringing laughter back into my life,( not the divorce or my many back surgeries or being forced into medical retirement due to all the surgies)so I say that to say this DON'T EVER STOP BEING YOU, LOVE YOU ELLEN!!!!!!!!!!

Linda E. Carter
Message from Ellen
586 days ago

I'm so glad the Christmas ornament received some better eyes and those Furbees are kinda creepy lol. I love Hugh and so happy that they foiled that murder plot on Justin he's got a great life ahead of him oh and I would love to see Hugh as my favorite X-Men in another movie.

Linda E. Carter
Find Out How You Can Win 12 Days Prizes!
588 days ago

Hi Ellen I love your show and your 12days Christmas Giveaway I know that for some if it weren't for your show it would be just another holiday. I don't have money to purchase gifts for my family, but God has blessed me with my home which I was able to maintain after my divorce (after having 4 back surgeries),my sister her fiance her 21yr old son along with his girlfriend and their 5mo. old son, now have a roof over their head in my home.So I feel good about having opened my door for them just wish I could do more but just happy that I was there for them as I would do for anyone needing a helping hand which is why I writing to you, you do and have helped so many people that I know you are one of God's angels sent to help those in need. Keep up the good work and I will continue to watch your show. I love you Ellen.
God Bless,
Linda Carter