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Linda Donley
Name Linda Donley
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Hobbies Reading, bike-riding, walking, watching Ellen, doing crosswords
About Me I am a retired teacher, now substituting daily. I still love to be around the kids! I am 68 years old, twice widowed, have one son, and one grandson. I love the Ellen show!
Linda Donley
Jessica Biel, and the 1st Day of 12 Days!
600 days ago

Hi Ellen, Love your show! I, too, am one of those that watches the show an hour later than it comes on. I record it every day. I am a teacher and I don't get home until 4:00 PM or later. I would like to be able to register for one of the 12 days of Christmas prizes but I'm always too late! I'll keep watching anyway. I have been widowed twice and the holidays are hard emotionally for me but your show lifts my spirits so much!