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linda donahoe
Name linda donahoe
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About Me I am happily retired from the restaurant business, and a short (4year) run as a dental assistant. I have 3 grandchildren from 2 boys, and hopefully more on the way someday from the other 3 boys. Im in a happily commited relationship with a man I've been with for 14 years. I watch Ellen every day, and if I can't be home to watch, it is set on the dvr to record every day! ♥♡♥
linda donahoe
Message from Ellen
180 days ago

Hey Ellen!
Im so happy that you are rooting for my team the Broncos in the super bowl! Were sure to win now! I'm a Denver native and have been watching the Broncos since I was 10 in 1964. GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

linda donahoe
It's Nothing Day
555 days ago

I beg to all changed in 2000 when my grandaughter was born on Jan 16. So it is Leinaala day! She is 13 today and gorgeous and she loves your show! As do I !!