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Linda Defino
Name Linda Defino
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Hobbies I used to be an avid bow & arrow hunter for deer and did myself proud. Used to be a bowler, my name is on the plaque in 2 of our local bowling centers where I bowled very well. Now unable to do those things anymore due to health, but can watch tv and your show lol.
About Me I am a 69 yr. Old female, who lives alone and loves to watch all your shows. Yes its funny, very funny but can give you a good cry to. For you do so much for the people every day. It's unbelievable all you give Ellen, I just want to take this time to say God bless you and we all love you that watch. Love Linda
Linda Defino
The Incredible Adam Levine
30 days ago

Ellen I watch your show daily, here in Lexington, Kentucky we get your show at 3.00 daily. Perfect time, doing nothing that has to be so blessed to get your show. Yes its true you make us laugh and sometimes we cry. ButIin a good way. Ellen you do so much good for people I've not seen anyone do this but you. God bless you, and thanks for your show. Linda