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Linda Cloonen
Name Linda Cloonen
Location Cranston, RI
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Hobbies Working...? Making people happy! and trying to help many people who I love.
About Me I'm a happy wife, proud loving mom of a beautiful dawta, Heather, and sadly lost my first born, Crystal (my star) on Christmas 1989 when she was 10, from an inoperable brain tumor. I am in the process of starting up a non-profit organization to assist children during their fight to beat cancer, and develop products and services to aid them in their battle. Also, want to assist children so they are never alone in a hospital. I spent 1.5 yrs. with my daughter, day & night, and the number of children alone because families must continue to work to pay for the healthcare, etc., and soooo many sad, lonely, scared children with no one to hold them, tuck them in, or read a store, or just give a hug. I want to create an organization to assist families and children so they do not feel alone. I am creating many products, and have sought Ellen as an endorser, but to no avail. BUT, she, Ellen does so much for so many people!! I'm always brought to tears when I see her kindness and the way she gives, and CARES. I adore her and want to be like her in my own small way!! Anyhoo, love, love Ellen and keep dancing & smiling!!!!!
Linda Cloonen
Know or Go: Thanksgiving Style!
611 days ago

Love, love Ellens upbeat way of life!! She makes me Smile!!! and then my day is good.....