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219 days ago

Ellen- really adore your show and your spirit! I REALLY want/need to win!

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229 days ago

Dear Ellen- You seem to really care about people...I have had such serious health problems that my life has become unbearably hard. Due to my messed up body everything that I do is difficult and takes forever!! I am having a really hard time with money- but I HATE not working WAY more then money- I ADORE BEING A THERAPIST!. I have 2 masters and a ton of certifications. Plus I'm dealing with handicap and a lot of pain.I am certified in drug and alcohol counseling, dual diagnosis, and criminal addiction. I know that many vets come home with serious physical and mental wounds and also have mobility issues- as well as self medication issues. Wouldn't phone counseling be great? While some money would really help,(was a vegan for about 20 years before this nightmare- now I can not afford it)I really want to work. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! I am trying- but it is like climbing a greased pole! THANKS-