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Name Linda
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Hobbies Volunteer at a nursing home; my kids and their kids and ELLEN.
About Me Not much to say, I'm an old lady (66); love elderly people and children; booze (within legal limits); travel; reading and laughing with girlfriends until I pee.
Audience Dancer Does 'The Worm'
657 days ago

I have had a DAY that sucked big time; I should have taken 4 sedatives and 14 drinks of rum but wanting to live to see Ellen tomorrow I fought the urge. (Don't call the cops - that was a tad exaggerated). I saw this on the internet just now and it looked like a group that Ellen would love to feature. I am up here in the great white north in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. The group exists of teenage boys and they are pretty damn good; check out IL VOLO. Lookig forward to my HOUR OF POWER with Ellen tomorrow.