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Lily Klauber
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About Me Im a restaurant owner, mother of two children. I love to work which means I enjoy what I do so it doesn't feel like work. I like to workout and I love to eat. I watch food shows constantly so I can try new recipes. I love the summer because my kids are home and we can be outside.
Lily Klauber
Bethenny Frankel and Ricky Gervais
566 days ago

Wow Bethany is an absolute inspiration and yes I am going through the EXACT thing she s and it's so hard to not feel like a failure. I too was blamed for picking business over love/family and it's so hurtful because I chose to have a career I enjoy and I'm doing it FOR my family not TO anyone. I chose to open a restaurant and now I'm looking at divorce. It's an emotional roller coaster and I go through highs and lows and whether or not I can take care of my children and that they understand why it's happening without hurting them. Im so glad I turned your show on today because I got to see someone going through the same thing and it helps to have someone else know how your feeling. Thank you Ellen and to Bethany!, Not a failure and inspiration!