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Lillian Nugnes
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About Me Hi Ellen, I am not looking for gifts, or free tickets that is not my style. However, I am trying to write a book on Depression and Anxiety starting with Children to Adult Hood. It is a topic that needs addressing. I am an excellent writer, I just don't know how to begin. Perhaps you could do a show about it. I have a prologue done for my book but can't seem to get the words down. I am a sufferer, but I know so many people who have died or took their own lives from this deadly disease. People have to realize it is a physical problem as the chemicals in our brains are off balance. Parent's need to recognize the signs of their children at an early age. Perhaps you could help?
Lillian Nugnes
Jay Leno, Terry Crews
179 days ago

Happy Birthday! You are one "WONDERFUL" lady and GOD certainly put an ANGEL here on earth. Your talent goes far beyond funny and you deserve the success that goes along with it.



Lillian Nugnes
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337 days ago

I am not looking for money, free tickets, however, I am looking for some guidance to start writing my book on Depression and Anxiety Disorders. There is a rampant out burst of this condition and signs start at a young age. It can be mistaken for a learning disability in a child. When in fact, it is a chemical imbalance and considered a physical condition rather than a mental condition. I know as I suffer from this, and have family members and friends who have taken their own lives. People who suffer or see a change in their child needs to understand that there is no stigma attached to this. The only way a stigma could be an obstacle is if we let it happen.

Therefore, I was wondering if ellen could do a short segment on this. Also, does ellen have any guidance for a very busy lady who wants to be a writer and to write about this topic.

I have alot on my plate right now as my husband is on dialysis three times a week, and is on donor lists for a kidney transplant. I am a match as a donor, however, my blood pressure is high and that is the most important criteria for this kind of transplant.

Ellen is such a good hearted individual and in spite of her fame, her best quality is being humble and caring for everyone.

I have little time to write, therefore, I was hoping that Ellen could give me some pointers on how to get started.


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