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Lillian McAfee
Name Lillian McAfee
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Hobbies None. I don,t have a car. I watch too much tv.
About Me I am 69 years old and my two daughters, 49 & 47 live with me. They are both disabled. My niece,46, also lives here because she has no other place to go. It gets rough trying to pay all these bills on S.S. However, I am so thankful to have a roof & food. I am also grateful that I have seen both the good & bad side of life. When my husband was alive, I had all or everything I needed but now I have to do the best I can. So I have seen the good & the bad. Ellen, I have been wanting to tell you that you are the best comedian since Lucille Ball. You make me laugh every day, so thank you.
Lillian McAfee
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203 days ago

I love your show. It is a bright spot in a sad day.