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Name liliana
Location comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina
Joined 503 days ago
Hobbies Pintar y hacer poesìa
About Me En Argentina estamos viendo el show sin subtitulos hace ma`s de una semana, por favor , en Directv dicen que es el canal Warner que ha tomado esta decisiòn, no queremos perder la oportunidad de verlo ya que somos millones a los que nos gusta, hagan algo por favor!!!
Message from Ellen
431 days ago

you know, I'm a thousand miles, commodore-Chubut-Argentina and always enjoy your show, which say more? again in the google translator, I have to learn English? haha!
I am very happy that you've messed, no better work than the garden is relaxing and therapeutic, water does the rest. Enjoy it!
thanks for so minded!

Message from Ellen
433 days ago

Thanks Ellen for so minded and love for all of us, I really love your show and disfuto every day.
I am very far from thence geogràficamnete but very close to the heart.
Location Comodoro Rivadavia, Chubut, Argentina, I think that almost 10,000 km away in the south of my country, anyway get your minded thanks to satellite TV!.
You are very talented, keep it up and never lose that joy of living.
And ... dance, dance, dance
Y. .. laughs laugh, laugh.

Message from Ellen
433 days ago

hello ellen-commodore am chubut-Argentina, many, many miles away from you but very close by that I can enjoy or show every day.
I congratulate you on your talent, your ability and your skills runned for dancing!
I have 55 years and I do not miss a single one of your programs.
I am now in the translator to write and I do not speak English, but still we can communicate.
my great loves more for you, thanks for all the minded.