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Hobbies Putting starwars legos together at grandma Sherrys with my little brother who is 5 and we also do ipad games. My grandma Sherry likes to do crafts, watch Ellen everyday, read, and mess with her computer.
About Me I am 10yr old today and wishing for grandma sherry to get what I wish for her this Christmas! I just got a cool mohawk, my mom does hair at her shop! Love getting on my grandma's ipad or computer like I am now. I love to read and play sports too. Remember I am on my Grandma Sherry's account , with the help of my mom, cause I'm trying to get grandma the 12 days of christmas prizes! My Grandma is a great person. She is caring and giving and so special. She has also entered your giveaways. She is the Worlds bestest grandma.
Day 10 of 12 Days, co-host Julia Roberts, Julia Louis-Dreyfus
218 days ago

Awesome show today! Love the funny side of Julia Roberts! The bathroom scare was funny! She was a great Co-Host!! Loved the crafting with the drills! I bet Martha wandered if you all were serious at times or joking! She kept right on going telling how to do the craft even though you others needed major help! Lol! The other Julia was funny too! She screamed twice when you and Julia Roberts scared her! Would have given anything Ellen to have seen you, and the two Julias scare Martha Stewart! Lol! The gold bond powder was too funny! Omg! Whenever I see someone on a cycle again I will have flashbacks of Gold Bond on tootsies and nethers! Lol! Lol! Thanks for another great show! Would love to be picked for the 12 days of Christmas or any gift! Would be so flippin' cool! Ellen you and your staff and all of your families have a safe, happy, Merry Christmas! Love to you "Ellen Generous" from Kansas Sherry Smolik
Day 11 of 12 Days, Amy Adams, Mary J. Blige
218 days ago

Can't wait until the show tomorrow!! Woo! Woo! Woo! The previews are exciting! Like the part about everyone getting a tarantula! I am so hoping that they do all look under their seats for one!! Cool guests as usual, Mary J. Blige and Amy Adams! Thanks for the laughter and happiness you bring into my home! God Bless you Ellen! My little grandson who is 5yrs. old calls you "Ellen Generous"!!! So cute and very true! Would be cool to win one christmas gift but, wow, I would totally freak over the 12 days gift! Could you imagine Ellen how you would act it you ever one that much stuff at Christmas! Love from Kansas to you Ellen and your Staff! God Bless you all and your families! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you! Sherry Smolik
It's Day 10 of 12 Days!
218 days ago

What a fun day today with Julia, Martha, & Julia! You all were hilarious doing crafts with Martha! There were some cool gifts given away today! The trip to Mexico and hertz rental and the sunglasses! All very neat gifts plus all of the other great prizes! You rock Ellen!! Can't wait until tomorrow's show! Something I look forward to every day! So much happiness and laughter goes on in my living room while I watch you and your guests! God Bless you Ellen and your Staff for bringing a great show to me! Love ya all! Merry Christmas from Kansas to you Ellen and your Staff! Sherry Smolik
Day 10 of 12 Days, co-host Julia Roberts, Julia Louis-Dreyfus
219 days ago

Totally excited about Julia Roberts today! Liked your comment about pretty woman, but you too are beautiful and with a kind heart! Loved the show yesterday with Bradshaw and the dance off! Lol! Liked his choices about superbowl! Also Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Martha Stewart! Exciting guests today! Martha will be spicing up the holiday or messing up the kitchen with you and Julia! Will be interesting to see what she has planned! It's the 10th day of your 12 days of Christmas and I so loved yesterday with the go-cart and awesome race car track. I'm still using my old track with my grandkids so when we hit the corners and off the side we go just like you said! We put the cars back on constantly! Lol! Amazing to see the new technology! Can't wait to see the gifts you give away today! I am soooo excited! Thanks Ellen for making everyday funny and happy for me! You rock!
God bless You and Portia, your Staff, and all your Families! May you and your families all
have a very Merry Christmas and be safe! May all your dreams and wishes come true for
the New Year! Keep making me laugh and sharing the love from your show! Love you all! Sherry Smolik

and Safe! Love ya Ellen
Message from Ellen
220 days ago

There is a funny lady who makes dreams come true, Her show will make you happy and you'll never be blue. She has a funny helper she sent to a haunted house, I'm sure Andy would have hid if he'd seen a tiny mouse. Ellen enjoys Christmas you can tell by her shows, she even gives Ellen underwear to everyone she knows. When watching her show you have a good laugh, she has lots of helpers, a super great staff. She brings so much joy to all of us each day, her smile does glow as a beautiful sun ray. Now Loni Love is a fun DJ and likes her black liquor a lot, I'd like for her to meet a man who's sweet but sexy hot. I'm happy for Ellen for having a special wife, they are perfect together and will make memories for the rest of their life. Thank you Ellen for bringing joy into my home, and just for that I wrote this poem. Thanks to you and your staff each day, I love the show and all you say. May God Bless you all I send love your way, The 12 days of Christmas makes many happy each day. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy, Safe, New Year, May you all have much joy and great Christmas cheer! Sherry Smolik
Day 7 of 12 Days, Tyler Perry, Ken Jeong
224 days ago

Omg Ellen! Tyler Perry and Ken Jeong on the same day! You go Ellen! Wow it will be totally cool with both on together! Funny show ahead! Tyler sure looks good as Madea! Has sure spent more time in dresses and heels than me! I so want to see A Madea Christmas! Can't wait 'til 4:00 tomorrow to see your show! Excited about Tired Pony performing too! You rock Ellen! Will be dancing in my living room with you tomorrow as usual. You definitely bring a smile to my face and Christmas cheer each day. Luv ya Ellen and God Bless you and your staff for making one hour of my day soooo verry Happy
Do You Know Someone Who Needs a New Car?
224 days ago

Ellen my grandkids tell me my car is done! It is a 2001 buick but my heater blows only on high and my knob is broke! Me and grandkids going down highway and windows foggin over, so I ask "Where's the pliers?" Of course everyone feeling around and soon one of my grandkids says "found em grandma". Have to use pliers to switch to defrost as cold here in Kansas. Then as soon as windows clear I use pliers to switch back to heater! I care for my 84 year old mother and we do spend a lot of time in my car as we live in the country and both of us have many Dr. appointments! The hardest part is that I am paying on my sons funeral so can't buy a car because when I finish paying funeral off in fews years want to get him a headstone! Would totally freak over a new car as always have had used ones! But for now will continue yelling, "where's the pliers?" Luv ya Ellen as you will never know how much life and happiness you bring into my home everyday! One hour watching your show makes me smile, laugh out loud, and yes cry too! Thank you so verrrry much and your staff for bringing a smile to me daily! God Bless you all!
You Write, Ellen Responds!
224 days ago

Omg Ellen! I watched your battery test today! Sorry but I lm_o! I loved Andy at Halloween in spook house and when I saw the battery running the longest, I so figured it was poor ole Andy!! You seemed so happy for the duracell battery to run forever! Please tell me this was Andy! He has really got to be a good sport! lol!! I can really say that my heart went out to Lea Michele but she was right about getting out and continuing! This time of year is so hard to be happy when you have lost a loved one! I lost my son and all Holidays bring back so many wonderful memories but also makes me miss him more! This is one reason I love to get to spend one hour everyday with you and laugh and smile! "You really cheer me up on a daily basis! You were right when you said you were tequilla!! God Bless you Ellen and your staff for making many dreams come true!! Make sure Andy continues in the corky outfits! Too funny! Luv ya Ellen! You are a breath of fresh air and your energy comes through the T.V. and makes many, many smiles!
Day 5 of 12 Days, Tom Hanks, Andrew McCutchen
226 days ago

Woo hoo! Woopy doo! Ellen is now on and love watching the pole dancing! You go girl! Lol! Today it's Tom Hanks! What a show and excited to be watching! Love your drawing of your house Ellen for the Nest thermostat! Congrats to the audience for getting a nest! Omg looks like Tom Hanks going to fix Ellens eye! Awww, drats it is commercial time! Bummer! Hurry back Ellen can't wait to see Tom get rid of that sty! Ha ha ha ha! Yes, you are back! Tom could get near my eyeball anytime! Love you Ellen and your staff making this show happen!
Win Tickets to 12 Days!
233 days ago

Hi Ellen! I'm 9 yrs, old. Almost 10 this month. Please pick my Grandma Sherry! You make her so happy each day. She watches your show everyday! She calls you Ellen Generous. My Uncle Chris died 2 years ago and Grandma is still paying on his funeral bill and he doesn't have a headstone yet. Grandma's health is not good but she still cares for my Great Grandma B.who is 84 years old. Before Grandma Sherry got sick she lived in Blanchard Oklahoma and helped during the bombing. She worked many hours during the bombing and she got to tired and fell asleep driving and rolled her truck. She survived the bad accident. Around that time she also lost the man of her life. She is kind and does for others and never worries how she's going to make it. She says God will take care of her. Her car is sad. It has no heater buttons but is does get warm. She has lots of doctor appointments and so does my Great Grandma B. and I worry her car is done but she says God will get them their. Grandma also needs repairs on her house. My Grandma never complains when something is bad she just goes on and makes the best of it. I wish my Grandma Sherry could see you and be on 12 days of Christmas.She lets me play on her little tablet but she doesn't know I wrote this and that my mommy helped me. If she hears from you she will think it is spam mail. That would be funny! Christmas time is sad for her cause she really misses my Uncle Chris bad. I love you and thank you Ellen for making my Grandma Sherry smile and laugh every day. Merry Christmas Ellen. Lil Anthony Ramirez