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Liezel Giesbrecht
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About Me I'm a hardworking mom, with a beautiful 18 month old.
Liezel Giesbrecht
Bruno Mars, Ted Danson
484 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I love you, you inspire me to be the best I can be. Thank you for being you. During my first pregnancy last 2011 I became so obsessed with Bruno mars & even created a twitter account to stalk him lol I watch all oh his you tube videos & listened to all his songs, the jest of it is I became a huge fan of his. I really want to meet him, so I was so excited when he announced his tour!! I even wrote in his website to please come to Winnipeg, unfortunately he's visiting all the major cities in Canada except for where I live: Winnipeg Manitoba. So I spent weeks trying to get a ticket to see him with my husband in all those major cities as well as in Minneapolis. No tickets available!! I'm so sad! Please tell Bruno mars I love his voice & personality & I hope that one day our paths will cross & I'll get to hug him & listen to him sing in person. My husband kinda even looks like Bruno mars :) maybe that's just me hallucinating with my crazy love for Bruno mars haha. I love you Ellen & thank you for always making my daughter & I laugh & dance.