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Lexie Cameron A.K.A Mrs. Bieber
Name Lexie Cameron A.K.A Mrs. Bieber
Location North hollywood , Ca
Age 14
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Hobbies Listening to Justin Bieber!! I love baking and I love Justin Bieber!!
About Me My name is Lexie and I'm 13 years old and I love listening to J.B's music I am a sincere and loving person and I'm known for the love I have for Justin Bieber!!
Lexie Cameron A.K.A Mrs. Bieber
Justin Bieber, Hugh Jackman, and Day 10 of 12 Days!
588 days ago

Let me start of by saying I am truly his #1 fan. Me and my mom love watching the Ellen show She is an amazing and humble woman!! It is my dream to meet Justin Bieber he completes me , He is such a amazing human being. His music touches my heart soul the most greatest thing is being able to relate to your idol music and that he does!! I got tickets to his Los Angeles concert for my 13th Bday and My mom and I made the most amazing collage that had pictures of him as a baby, young boy and of his little brother and sister, mom and dad and grandparents also his dog.. When I got in the venue they took it away, We worked so hard and I really wanted him to notice me the staff said I can get it back when the concert was over. The whole concert I was balling my eyes out because I wanted him just to look my way I'm telling you I truly love him and adore everything he stands for!! After the concert I went to retrieve my collage and they threw it away, I was so sad. All the teachers at my school and school mates call me Mrs. Bieber All my family members and friends say when they hear his name or song it reminds them of me and I love it, I tweet him all day, everyday and I'm always on the Justinbieberzone never miss a day so I never miss a thing!! No one can ever say anything bad about him because I'm always defending him.I always get mad about rumors because I know what a lovely and amazing person he is and I feel all his struggles and that is why I love him he is 100% true to his fans and takes the time to truly get to know his fans and he is involved in so many charities and he is the one who wants to be involved.. Can I say more My room, my life revolves around you Justin I LOVE YOU SO MUCH WORDS CAN"T DESCRIBE!!! I would be honored to meet you!!