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letitia d. moose
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About Me married with three boys ages 22,21,12
letitia d. moose
Ellen's Playlist: May 3, 2013
449 days ago

check out the rap song "invincible" on the cd Invincble! It goes Well with mothers day..........

letitia d. moose
Movie Pick: Chasing Ice
449 days ago

I received your newsletter this week with the remark about the preface I sent you (and wrote during the Supper Bowl '2013).I hope all is well with your lovely wife And you have everything you desire.(peace & LOVE)My marriage has had some really rough patches during this day and time ,but if people just believe everything will soon change for the better,it would be wonderful Place for all those gone before us ,but everyone will be Happier If they would JUST help AND love ONE Another I know all about The southeast where you grew up Ellen.I have family Members Living That could tell some very graphic Stories.I believe even though my family lives in poverty(and my *89 year old grandpaw has told it)If you would like to know what I mean about poverty He knows,but he does not let it stop him from getting things accomplished. Just give me a chance to tell you on skype. For example about poverty in this day in time and the way we survive would absoulutely blow the people in this nations mind.

Ps.Sorry for type O's


Mrs.Letitia Diane Moose