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Lesieli Tutuu
Name Lesieli Tutuu
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Hobbies education, sports, interested in small business, singing, public and community work, loves teaching and counselling youths.
About Me I am a mother of 5 of five children. Brought up by a single parent and came from a big family 10 children. I am a hard working but still struggle..
Lesieli Tutuu
You Write, Ellen Responds!
280 days ago

Hi Ellen,

I am a secret fan of your show. You don't know how much joy, smile and tears you have put into my face when I am watching any of your show. To be honest I am a full time provider for 5 children who are still grown up and teenagers. I worked most of my time and even doing house cleaning, caregiver and a state employee of Washington State. I come home sometime they are all sleeping and it is very late at night. I deal with criminal Juvenile Rehabilitation youths and it is a tiring job. I came home very late and I am worn out. Sometime I can not go straight to bed but I would always turn on to the computer 'go on to 'elen show. Thanks so much for your inspiring videos, words of encouragement and you just don't know how much joy I have. My family don't have a TV but I make use my computer for school so I can watch your program. If only we have 1000 Elen in the community this whole world will be at ease and peace. Once again. Keep up the good work and may those stories you shared with your program would enlightened someone's burden and also put a smile for the day as it does to a mother like me. Well done!

Lesieli Tutuu