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Leslie Van Dyke
Name Leslie Van Dyke
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About Me Im simple minded, love family first, live in the day/moment, love a good chick/flick now and then, watch Ellen your be kind motto, live by the same and hum.... hate insomnia. Cheers Ellen
Leslie Van Dyke
A Family of Seven Wins Everything from 12 Days!
203 days ago

My daughter Lindsay woke up one day in April to find a dime sized patch of hair gone. She had long beautiful brown down to the middle of her back. Currently she resides at home with us (parents) attends college pursing her career choice of dental hygiene. She works as a server part time to pay for school and help us with the monthly bills. A week after discovering this round patch of missing hair, she discovered 2 more developing patches. Well, first visit to her doctor and a referral to a dermatologist over the course of 2 weeks, she now had numerous patches of hair loss and was diagnosed with alopecia areata, a cruel auto immune disease that attacks the hair follicle. By July, with tiny strands of hair remaining, (she'd lost 98% of her hair in 3 months) she made the choice to shave the remaining hair off. Lindsay struggled with vanity issues losing her hair, as her doctors confirmed there is no cure for alopecia, and regrowth may or may not happen treatment being controversial at best. She endured 30-40 injections directly into her scalp every 2 weeks as a possible treatment choice to stimulate regrowth. With family support, and a faithful boyfriend supporter of 2 years( who himself is a cancer leukemia survivor who experienced baldness from his chemo treatment) Lindsay coped as best she could. Lindsay clung to hope, wore caps to hide her baldness, tried wigs but hated them, and prayed her hair to regrow. It is growing! Although it is short, she said one day, look how beautiful Ellen is with short hair, and made the decision to cut her growing new hair into a short style to maintain . You inspired her Ellen, and helped her to see her own beauty despite losing her long beautiful hair, beauty we told her all along she had both inside and out, that hair loss could not take from her. Her boyfriend, Travis is currently employed by Fontana Police dept. and is currently enrolled in the academy... the same department his future father in law retired from. Lindsay and Travis have marriage aspirations but are both determined to complete their career goals first, but are collecting items as finances permit for their home one day. This is another place you could help them Ellen...the 12 days of giveaways. I know it was difficult for Travis, as was it us, her parents standing by her struggle with baldness. Afterall ,we all loved her, and hurt to see her broken hearted hair loss journey. Today, Lindsay does not know if her short hair will continue to grow and when it will fall out again, she just knows she must live for today, and come what may this terrible auto immune disease, it can not rob her real beauty... her face, her heart and her spirit. Thankfully her disease only does affect the hair, unlike other auto immune diseases that attack vital organs. Maybe you never knew your short haircut and beautiful face would inspire a young lady to hold her head high, no matter what, but you did that for Lindsay. Thank you Ellen. I feel Lindsay and Travis would accept the 12 days of giveaways with extreme gratitude and find a way to pay forward those gifts. Lindsay now stands for being a force for good, and giving forward your gift...whatever it may be. Lindsay hopes one day to help another young lady should she fall victim to Alopecia Areata, supports the Alopecia foundation and importantly, holds her head proud...not knowing how long she will have her new "do"... short hair. Thanks Ellen for listening to our story, thank you for inspiring my daughter to realize her inner and outer beauty.,and thank you for all the gifts YOU pay forward in life.
Leslie.... PS all our pets are spayed and on another happy note. :-)