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Leslie Flamand
Name Leslie Flamand
Age 47
Joined 592 days ago
Hobbies Public speaking, Terry Fox Run volunteer/survivor, volunteer with Emergency Social Services during interface fire season, research various subjects, writing, swimming, encouraging others, self proclaimed anti bully advocate.
About Me I forget my twitter info. Too many facts in my world to remember everything! I have 2 beautiful daughters, Phaelan 21, and a celtic harpist. Bevan 16 on Dec.27, both girls are miracles given my 26 years cancer free status. Yup beat the stuffing out of stage 3b Hodgekin's Disease! Died, came back, through the tunnel n all!...Reached my personal best this past fall. I am on Terry Fox's Team as a cancer survivor and spoke at 3 schools this past year! I am a life long volunteer and do my best help raise the village of children around me. I am a crazy cat lady but I look at it like this, if I could live on a farm, I'd have a lot more that cats! I was that grubby child bringing all the broken winged birds and stray dogs home to love and nurse back to health. My motto is "Live in peace and peace will live within you"...if THAT doesn't work, "walk softly and carry a REALLY big stick!" Laugh often, love hard, and go big or go