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Leslie Denise Rozen
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Hobbies Hobbies 1. Cooking 2. Hiking 3. swimming 3
About Me I'm a person that enjoys being around family. I'm a person that likes to socialize, I like to help others that are in need .
Leslie Denise Rozen
Message from Ellen
280 days ago

Hell again.

Yes I been a great fan for many years now. But I need to know how do I get tickets to your show. I keep filling out these forms one after another and its not working for me. what does it take to win. I fill out the dates that i can see the show and fill out the form and send it out, and it will say see you at the show and you will be getting a call about your tickets. Im still waiting. Its been two months now and still nothing. I want the two tickets that you were suppose to give me to be on your show. What does it take. I'm 51 years old and i'm not getting any younger and I would my friend is 70 . I want to see the show live while i'm still alive. Please let me In. This is my last letter that i will send out . Either you call me and give me great news to be on your show. If possible I would love to be there for the 12 days off Christmas give-away. I really need good news about now. Make My Day Ellen . Love Leslie Rozen # 831-596-5685