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lesley watson
Sophia Grace & Rosie, Chris Pine, Robin Thicke
406 days ago

It's rare to find a child as young as Sophia Grace who can do everything. Sophia can dance, sing and act. Her memory for her age is unbelievable. Oh and she is entertaining.

lesley watson
Kate Hudson, Little Big Town and Sophia Grace & Rosie's Tea Time with Katy Perry! 
410 days ago

Yeah Sophia Grace is back. I love that little lady bug. Her new song is GREAT. I hope she sings it on the show.

lesley watson
Tea Time with Sophia Grace & Rosie and Harry Connick, Jr.
422 days ago

Hello is everyone at The Ellen Show sleeping? Have you not seen Sophia Grace's Music Video? Why has it not been shown on the show?
Please don't tell me it's because Rosie is not shown much. Let's get real here, Sophia does not need Rosie.

lesley watson
Sophia Grace & Rosie Play the New 'Heads Up!' Kids Deck
431 days ago

Hi Ellen, I have just heard that Sophia Grace has a new music video out where Sophia sings "Girl's Just Gotta Have Fun" and Rosie is in the video too. Can you PLEASE PLEASE show it on your show.
I can't wait.

lesley watson
Caption This: Two for Two
448 days ago

I claim the beauty one on the right.
Why her?
Because I've seen their Moms.

lesley watson
Matt Lauer, Sophia Grace & Rosie
454 days ago

I can't wait Sophia Grace is back on. We all LOVE her. Such an all round talented girl with impeccable manners.
A role model for all little girls.

lesley watson
Sophia Grace & Rosie Get Thrifty
457 days ago

SOPHIA GRACE absolutely nailed it. This little girl is awesome.
Oh! I'm giddy with excitement.
Rosie tried hard to keep up bless her.

lesley watson
Sophia Grace & Rosie, Vince Vaughn
459 days ago

WHO are these miserable people who don't like Sophia Grace & Rosie.
I run a 'Retirement Home' and my residents live for the day the girls appear on Ellen. I have heard a few of my residents say that watching the girls makes them feel young again.
Thank You Ellen for discovering SOPHIA GRACE & Rosie you made my life easier in the 'Home'.

lesley watson
Selena Gomez Talks Taylor Swift
471 days ago

Ellen I know this is not the correct video but I just had to tell you that the video clip of Sophia Grace & Rosie at the MTV Film Awards is HILARIOUS. That Sophia Grace is so talented, you have discovered a gold mine there.

lesley watson
Selena Gomez, Sophia Grace & Rosie
471 days ago

Sorry to lose you Janet Purdy. We absolutely ADORE those two little English Girls. Sophia Grace and her little cousin.

lesley watson
Selena Gomez, Sophia Grace & Rosie
476 days ago

Good Bye AK sorry to lose you.

lesley watson
Selena Gomez, Sophia Grace & Rosie
476 days ago

Oh the wait was unbearable, our family has had SOPHIA GRACE & Rosie withdrawal symptoms. Thank You Ellen for bringing them back.
Can't wait to see what new song Sophia Grace will sing next she's GREAT.

lesley watson
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Sophia Grace & Rosie!
521 days ago

Sophia Grace is so talented she carries the show so well. I love the way Sophia Grace is so considerate with her younger cousin. Helping her when she forgets and allowing her space in the spotlight.
Rosie is too young to realize, but she is a lucky girl.

lesley watson
Love Is in the Air
535 days ago

Sophia Grace will grow up to be a beautiful and successful singer.

Our family LOVE her and we watch ellen because of her. Rosie is cute but to be honest any cute little girl could stand beside Sophia Grace and do the same.

lesley watson
Rosie Blows It Up
538 days ago

I agree with David Clark. It's about time someone pointed out the truth. Yes Rosie is cute but when it comes to talent Rosie is light years behind Sophia Grace.
In an ideal world we should not be comparing these sweet little girls but I'm sick of seeing comments of how wonderful Rosie is when we all know It's Sophia Grace that got them where they are today.

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