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Leroy Evans
Name Leroy Evans
Location New York, New york
Joined 283 days ago
Hobbies One of my things I like to do is try ways to help my family and people that I can. I like to cook and give people some of it at the store and I look at your show every day what a positive person you are.
About Me I don't eat red meat I try to take care of myself. Right now I'm on disability had a hip replacement on a fix income right now. I rent a basement apartment. I love sports and people you the most god bless you Ellen you make my day complete love you.
Leroy Evans
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219 days ago

Happy holidays Ellen, I would like to say that your the only person that I know that really loves giving too people the way you do just keep doing what your doing thank God for people like you love you Ellen .

Leroy Evans
Ellen's Big Surprise for Her Audience
232 days ago

Hi Ellen just want to say that your one of my best people on t.v..I am not doing very well right now health is getting better just had hip replacement done. However I look forward for 4pm every day for you.what a positive person you are and kind hearted that takes my pain away.thank you and happy holiday to you and your family. Just love-u.

Leroy Evans
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283 days ago

I think that she has become a mature person that really don't need my voice. How every we need to stop judging people and pay more attendtion on ourself . I don't know her as a person only as a performer and it was very creative I think.It give us something to talk about.Bythe way that's all people were taking about ha,ha,ha, thank you Ellen your the best.