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Leonor Murcia
An Amazing Surprise with a Basketball Legend!
244 days ago

I am writing to you in behalf of my grandchildren. On September 4 my son in law was diagnosed with non Hodgkins Lynphoma, he is the father of 2 children 1 is 18 in the last year of High
School and the second 15 in 2nd year of high school.As you can imanage it had been very hard for the whole family my son in law and daughter. He is in and out of the hospital and has not been able to work. He does not know I am wrinting this letter, but I need your help. Last November 2 my granddaughher turn 18 and we were not able to get her the Iphone that was the only thing she wanted now come ChristskmaS AND she and her brother do not want to ask again because they know the situation and are afraid to ask for something her mother can get them.
Ellen will you please help me,that will be the best Christmas for my daughter my grandchildren and myself. God Bless you.
Leonor Murcia