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Leonila Ivanoff
Name Leonila Ivanoff
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Hobbies Gardening/Taking Pictures of Nature
About Me I'm a people Person,..just like Ellen <3
Leonila Ivanoff
Message from Ellen
73 days ago

T <3 All M <3 ms and My M <3 m,… HaPpY M <3 ThEr's DaY!!!! We AlL R <3 Ck!!!!

Leonila Ivanoff
Memorial Day with Ellen!
423 days ago

HaPpY MeMoRiAl DaY tO YoU AlL!!!...LoOkInG FoRwArD To WaTcHiNg ElLeN On MoNdAy...MeMoRiAl DaY!!! <3