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lee hruska
Name lee hruska
Location blue island, il.
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lee hruska
Win Day 11 of 12 Days!
222 days ago

nice job keep the gifts coming

lee hruska
12 Days Tix and Australia! Are You Koala-fied?
384 days ago

hi ellen. i have wrote you before to try and win a trip to austrailiato no availe so i thought i would try again . i would hope that you would please consider me. thank you

lee hruska
Enter Ellen's 'I Car About You' Sweepstakes!
407 days ago

hi ellen .great show keep me laughing.its the one time of day i look forward to thanks for the laughs

lee hruska
Ellen in Melbourne
412 days ago

hi ellen . ineed tickets to austrailia. my wife needs a vacation. despritly

lee hruska
Win All of Today's Gifts from 12 Days!
427 days ago

hi ellen. love your show ma6kes me laugh every day.keep the comedy coming.big fan