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Ellen's Plea for Sandy Relief
619 days ago

Dear Ellen:

My daughter lost her cupcake shop in the flooding that occurred in Ocean City,NJ from the storm surge due to Hurricane Sandy. She had at least 2-3 feet of water througout the shop. Then her problems really started....... Her insurance company has so far denied her claim because of a technicality(was downgraded to tropical storm at landfall), FEMA offers only low interest loans to small businesses,her calls to her congressman went nowhere and she just learned that her landlord, the property owner didn't have flood insurance. To add insult to injury, a week after the storm, her business checking account number was stolen and someone tried to clean out her account.
My daughter worked so hard to build this business over the last 2 years, saving her money, borrowing from family, taking out SBA loans,etc. Although she was only 25 when she started this business, she was building a strong client base and a loyal following..... now it's all gone. I'm heartbroken for my daughter because this was her dream. You can see this from an audition video sent in to cupcake wars: Sandcastle Cupcakes

This is her personal story, but multiply this story by thousands of others along the coast of NJ and NY. Their stories are similar. Small businesses are the lifeblood of these areas and they are getting little help other than being told to take out another loan. Most businesses can't afford to take any more loans and I don't see how the Jersey Shore and NY coast can rebuild their economies without small businesses.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell her story.
Lee Campbell