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About Me Retired middle school teacher, and part of the sandwich generation caring for my elderly parents, my grandchildren, and my husband who at the age of 50 became very ill, and also suffered from PTSD.I had to retire early due to physical and mental exhaustion,and help in the care my family.Over the last ten years, I have had several surgeries(three on my knees, two spinal since I couldn't walk at one point, removal of an ovary, another "female" surgery, and lastly a total knee replacement last summer. It's all ok though. I have 3 great kids and beautiful grandchildren, a wonderful husband who loves me and a very nice home. Can't ask for more that!(Except to maybe see your show someday, of course,LOL.) Love your show, and watch as often as I can. Keep making us laugh, Ellen. It is the best medicine.God knows you're doing a great job!Bless You!