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LeAnn Turvold
Name LeAnn Turvold
Location Lewisville, Texas
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Hobbies I love fixing things , wood, jewelry, anything
About Me Since I have been in Texas I have founds out I have high blood pressure, high cholesteral, fybromyalgia, diabetes, anxiety, depression, and now I have a herniated disk, and a double fratured big toe, Im starting to feel like I can't do anything right,bills are piling up which way do I turn, oh I also have to take meds for acid reflex and the diarea I get from my pills, and pain pils for my back. I can't work so my husband has to try to catch all the bills , but we are not making it, we are going farther and farther behind . So please consider us for the 12 days thanks Leann
LeAnn Turvold
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599 days ago

Ok Iv'e done this so many times with no luck. We aren't having christmas again this year (10) to be exact. I have high blood pressure, high cholesteral, fybromyalgie, diabetes, a double fractured big toe and a herniated **** in my back. My medicine costs so much along with medical bills. we just can't do it. I know you help alot of people and they probably deserve it more. I'm just asking for 1 gift for my husband and I and my son , I get so depressed on christmas I just want to sleep the day away. then it's over. Please consider me for your give aways thanks :eann

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