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Laurie White
Name Laurie White
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Hobbies my kids, drawing, painting, volunteering High School band, pets, anything creative
About Me I am a single mom of 2. Although I am almost 50, I feel I am unique. I make people laugh, I play the drums and you can usually see me still riding my skateboard outside on a sunny day. I love to hear other people say, "gosh you are such a good mom". I volunteer at High School, go Marching Band! I can't believe how quick my kids are growing up. Almost 18 and 16. Makes me sad. I love to make people laugh and smile. I try and help people whenever I can. Alot of people ask me for help and I drop what I am doing for them. You just never know how bad a person's day is so why not make them smile. I love your motto: Be kind to one another.
Laurie White
Kick in the Kindness Challenge: Day 4
526 days ago

I posted this on facebook and tagged 31 of my elementary friends (friends for 44 years):

Dear Jersey friends, Happy Valentine's Day to you. In this picture are treasured cards given by you. Yes, they are 40+ years old but I am thankful for them and my treasured scrapbook who managed to survive every move I made throughout the years ♥

Attached was a picture of all the Valentine cards I still had and saved. Being alone on Valentines Day without a significant other doesn't really mean you have to be alone. So why not make someone else's Valentines Day special!! Love my friends (haven't seen them in over 30 years) Gotta love facebook!