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Laurie Schall
Name Laurie Schall
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Hobbies Teaching other's with disabilities how to save money and crafts to help them cope with limitations.
About Me God has me walking this journey as a disabled person caring for a disabled child showing me there is a need to help others as every experience and struggle has taught me something. I believe my purpose is to write a book to help those like us find help, solutions, save money, by providing the knowledge I have gained. We have suffered in so many ways to the point of losing everything while those liable broke laws abusing their power, influence, contacts and money to avoid being held accountable for our injuries. God knew I would do something about this to help those suffering, but I first had to experience it first hand, but when I feel I can no longer take more is Ellen, my hero, who comforts me, makes me smile/laugh encouraging me to keep helping others....via "writing a book to reach those who can't get help by the Ellen Show"....there are so many more families suffering who need the help that this show can't reach but maybe my book can....It is my hope it will and can.
Laurie Schall
A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Bethenny Frankel!
522 days ago

I am looking forward to be able to watch the Bethenny's Talk Show....and upset we were not able to view the beginning of her new show.