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Name Laurie
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About Me I am a 59 yr old woman living in Phoenix, AZ. I am very active in the South Beach Lifestyle, have been featured in Woman's World and on local TV and my story is in the South Beach Wake Up call (Sandy's story) I am a volunteer with the SB website and help others achieve their weight goals. I work with my grandkids teaching them a healthy lifestyle and how to cook for themselves. I live with my best friend who has M.S. and her daughter, who has PTSD and is a Veteran of Desert Storm. I work 2 jobs to support all of us and I feel blessed to be loved by many.
Ethan Hawke, Lady Antebellum
273 days ago

We were at this show and so pleased to see Tayt. Our hearts are pulling for him that they get good news November 4th about a transplant.

It was a great experience to be in your audience Ellen. You rock !

Bethenny Frankel and Ricky Gervais
561 days ago

Beth- "You are beautiful, you are smart, you are intelligent, you are funny" (said like the maid on "The Help" says to the child) You are NOT a failure. Sometimes life gives us things that make us change, make us stronger, give us more empathy, give us more joke material. You even did that in the midst of sharing your pain. I have only know of you on the Ellen Show, but you are more an inspiration today to me than you have ever been. You showed great character by showing up and talking about the recent events.

I love each time you come on the show as you and Ellen are so funny together. I think that later looking back, you will see that it is OK life moved this way and you will be better than you were before. That is certainly what I hope for you.

A big hug to you !