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Lauri Tanner
Name Lauri Tanner
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Hobbies Supporting SF Giants baseball & University of Miami sports, art, music, film, travel!
About Me just finished law school in my late 50's.. i'm an international human rights advocate & campaigner for protection of environmental defenders... my mom just passed away a few weeks ago, and i've inherited her sweet little 3 year old dog, so i feel like a new parent ;-)
Lauri Tanner
Are You Excited About the World Series?
637 days ago

As one of the most obsessed, crazed, enthusiastic San Francisco Giants fans ever, I submitted a message yesterday 'begging' to be chosen to receive tickets to see my team in the World Series.

This 2012 Giants team is the ultimate manifestation of everything Ellen teaches us daily: ANYTHING is possible!

Coming back in 6 elimination games in both the NLDS and NLCS and making it into this World Series is nothing short of MIRACULOUS.

Beating the "invincible" Justin Verlander last nite in Game One - supposedly the best pitcher in baseball this year -- was unbelievable, and our PANDA, Pablo Sandoval, becoming only the 4th player in baseball history to get 3 HOME RUNS in a single World Series game = UNREAL!

Somehow getting a ticket to see them in person in this 2012 World Series would be another amazing miracle, and especially inspiring after my wonderful mom recently lost her year-long fight against advanced cancer (she was a big sports fan too!)

Thanks to Ellen and the show team for your consideration!

Lauri Tanner
Don't Cross Your Legs, Ellen!
679 days ago

I was so surprised to see the headline of this video clip about not crossing legs when sitting!

More than a year ago, when Ellen was having various back problems, and also when she ended up in the hospital bed on the show, I composed a detailed letter to let her know that one significant reason why she might have ongoing back problems was because she crosses her legs when she sits.

I learned that info from both my special 'back yoga' teacher and my chiropractor, but I thought the Ellen team might not pay attention to such an obscure comment, so I never mailed it in... Now I'm so glad to see this episode, since that's the message I wanted to send her!

By the way, I also learned about not crossing your legs from an incredible injury prevention teacher named Dr. Judith B. (Judy) Alter, whom I studied with privately in LA and who taught for many years at UCLA. I strongly recommend Ellen & the team check out her amazing books: "Surviving Exercise" and "Stretch and Strengthen", and work privately with her as well if possible. Judy saved me from knee surgeries decades ago when I was a runner, and I taught her methods to hundreds of athletes, yoga teachers, etc. over many years.

Best wishes!

PS. Happy Anniversary to Ellen & Portia - love you both!