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Lauri Ann Bennett
Name Lauri Ann Bennett
Location Coral Springs, Florida
Age 40
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Hobbies Doing anything & everything I can with my beautiful daughter & trying to guide her the best I can so she can be the best person she can, also make sure she has fun, makes great memories, & hopefully grows up with no regrets. I love writing, Acting, dancing, movies, reading, photography...I love doing so many things!
About Me I am a 39 year old never married PROUD single Mom of a beautiful 16 year old Angel. We haven't had the easiest life Mia was taken early bc she had stopped growing during my pregnancy so after some issues the specialist felt she had a better chance of living if they took her out of me & tried to help her grow in the NICU where she & I spent 3 months, I sat by her side 15-18+ hours a day making clothes that fit, she was born at 1 lb 2 1/2 oz & 12". I rubbed ointment on her sang to her & when I finally was able to hold her I would lay her on my chest under my shirt & rock in a rocking chair for hours. She was a tough little baby, very determined & I'm happy & grateful to say she has been perfectly healthy & happy since birth. Unfortunately, at 16 I was diagnosed w an immunosuppressant debilitating disease that just progressively gotten worse until they put me on IV therapy with a nasty chemotherapy medication, I worked since 14yrs old through all my health ups & downs until in 2005 I had a severe DVT (blood clot) from my abdomen to my knee I had surgeries, I also had blood clots in my lungs & luckily I have great doctors who kept me alive & continue to do so. After that I was hospitalized nearly every other month either with pneumonia, infections, & more DVTs / Blood clots. I was place on a blood thinner injection which ended up causing me to have multiple blood clots in my lungs to the point the doctors couldn't even count them which to this day causes horrific pain, again for the 3rd or 4th time I was lucky to live. I continued to work as a Medical Assistant in Pediatrics until March of 2011 I was rushed again to the ER in abdominal pain the doctors had no idea they were thinking another blood clot (I was taking a better blood thinner by then), I was such a high risk especially for a surgery so the doctors proceeded to tell my friends & family to say their good byes, I was unconscious or I would've had plenty to fight them about :) anyway a young amazing surgeon refused to just let my family watch me die so he scheduled a surgery took a chance very carefully & Thank God he did my intestines & scar tissue had gotten tangled & knotted so he did what he needed to do & saved my life. After that my doctors basically said either stop working now get disability & watch your daughter grow up or go back to work be lucky to make it to 40 & most likely drop dead at work & never see your daughter grow. They knew my daughter is my entire life so as much as I didn't want to go on disability & no longer make enough money I had no choice. After a long battle Dec. 2012 I qualified for SSDisability which doesn't pay much but continue to this day to get denied for any other help. We lost our house that Mia grew up in recently this year which has been hard on all of us especially Mia which kills me inside. I am struggling financially constantly stressed, depressed, embarrassed that I can't earn a living & provide everything for my daughter or help my mom out financially & being 39 on disability makes me feel I'll never have anything to offer plus even though I wasn't a successfully working Actor yet bc I wanted to be the best mom first then since my daughter does Acting at school & a local theatre I figured we could do it together but I don't know if I'll get picked but I'm going to do everything imaginable to let Mia achieve her dreams. Anyway, as horrible as it sounds I stay positive, determined, dedicated, & happy. I am still here with my sweet Mia who gives me strength each day, we have Disney World :) & I just do all I can to share my experiences to show people to be thankful & happy for what they have & stop dwelling on what they don't have. Granted there are plenty of things I'd love to have and do but as long as my daughter, family, & friends are happy & healthy & I can be there for them that's good for me. Mia was the best gift I could've ever received everything else is a bonus! I LOVE YOU ELLEN!!!!! Be happy & be well!!
Lauri Ann Bennett
You Cream, Eye Cream
279 days ago

Hi Ellen! Huge fan of you & your show (my daughter & I) we also have an amazing cat I'd love to send pictures of, she's more like a human, she's the sweetest & super funny so hopefully soon I can figure out how to get our "Lilo" kitty's picture on your show.
I am writing to help with the eye cream & make up remover nightmare. I had the same problem with the burning & watering. Some does have to do w the brand & finding what works for you but mainly you need to keep the cream out of your tear ducts. If you aren't sure where they are it's quicker for you to look up a diagram then when you apply just avoid your tear ducts & that should help. Every now & then I still get some in there & want to kick myself but at least it happens much less. I've tried MANY brands I use Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal on my face but recently I tried Clinique repairwear laser focus wrinkle correcting eye cream but everyone is different so what works for 1 person may be awful for another. The make up removers seriously burn my eyes & they water like Niagra Falls until I started using Clinique take the day off makeup remover for lids, lashes, & lips. Honestly it made a HUGE difference. Anyway, try avoiding the tear ducts & see. Much Love to you, Portia (sorry if I misspelled), your family, friends, & pets! Thank you for making me smile & laugh every show even repeats. <3