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Lauren V. Davis
Name Lauren V. Davis
Location Northampton, PA
Age 38
Joined 608 days ago
Hobbies Taking pictures, being with my family.
About Me I love to spend time with my family, and taking pictures of all different things. I am kind and good hearted. I would LOVE to meet ELLEN!!!! I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!! My KIDS JONAH AND GABBIE WATCH YOUR SHOW EVERYDAY!!!!!
Lauren V. Davis
JCPenney, Ellen's Breast Cancer Awareness Month Sponsor
222 days ago

I love JC PENNY'S for what they do. my mother had cancer of the lung, bone and brain and she died back in June 2013 from that.

Lauren V. Davis
Day 12 of 12 Days, Katy Perry
222 days ago

I would love to win the gifts from the 12 days of givaways. We are just scrapping by and I litterally had -$143.00 in my account. I am on disability so i cant show any income. I love what you do for people and how much they enjoy you!!!

Lauren V. Davis
It's Kick in the Kindness Week!
532 days ago

You are the worlds most wonderful person. You do so much to help the people sho have very little. I would nominate you for the "WORLDS MOST WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING". You have no idea how much of a fan of yours I am. I follow you on everything you are on. I love you so much. Keep being the WONDERFUL person you are!!!!!

Lauren V. Davis
Win Prizes from jcp!
608 days ago

I am honestly your number 1 fan. I have read every book you have written, i watch you EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!! I can tell you that I help many people with the things that I can. My family will tell you that I that it is impossible for me to say NO to anyone, no matter what is asked, (no, not that, get your mind out of the gutter!!!!!!!). :-) I am a giver, like you.
I JUST WANTED TO SAY TO YOU AND PORTIA, HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS.(I'm not sure if I spelled your wife's name correctly)
I love ELLEN!!!!!