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Lauren Klepp
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About Me i know everything there is to possibly know about taylor swift.
Lauren Klepp
8 Days Until Season 11 Premieres!
327 days ago

Hi Ellen! Im Lauren and im eleven years old. Taylor swift is my favorite person in the world!! She has such AWESOME music and is really coool! Me and my sister REALLLLLLY want to meet her! So, could you PLEASE HELP ME AND MY SISTER WHO IS THIRTEEN MEET TAYLOR? I love taylor swift so much i have written a biography about her for school and i have put pictures of her on my "things that represent me" poster. Ellen im going to tell you what a crazy time i had trying to get tickets to her concert :). First, i lived in washington and my best friend and i had our hearts set on going to the concert together. we were going to have a fundraiser to raise money and we were pursuading our parents to take us together. But, then my other friend bought a whole bunch of tickets to her concert and she invited some of my friends to go with her... and she invited my best friend, and not me. Well, my best friend said yes, of course, and i was planning on trying to go with my other friends who didnt get invited, but then my other friends bought tickets to go together.. and i wasnt invited to that either ;(. By that time i was very upset so my mom said we would buy tickets to go to the concert with my famly friends who were 13 and 17. so i got really excited for the concert! Until, we found out that my dad was being transfered to Illinois for his job. So, we sold our tickets in washington and my family friends and i were planning on buying new ones in chicago, where they would fly down for the concert. But, we soon found out that our family friends couldnt make it. But the 17 year old said that she would fly down and come for the concert. But, then she decided that she couldnt make i was very upset again that none of my friends invited me to the concert and now my family friends couldnt come either. So when we moved to chicago we had a week before the concert and my sister and i were going with my parents to the concert. Even though i was really sad i was SUPER excited to go see my idol on august 10. My sister and i made shirts and since we were just moving into our new house, we didnt have enough time to make a poster. But we got red bandanas and i did red lines under my eyes and red glowsticks. I HAD THE BEST TIME EVERRRRR!!!!!! i wanted to meet taylor that night, but i didnt want to tell my parents that because then i felt ungrateful. Ellen, PLEASE help me meet taylor! She is my idol and she is my inspirayion and i know all the lyrics to ALL her songs. thank you so much ellen!!!!!!!!!
-Lauren Klepp ;)