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Name LaurenJohnson56
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Hobbies Reading, writing, dancing, listening to music, teaching, interior design, travel, laughing, loving, praying and smiling!
About Me Im happy today because I just got a career position as a college instructor teaching reading and writing after looking for this opportunity for a year. Yeah me! And guess who "saw" me through it, Ellen D., she's my friend in my head! I've relied on her good humor and generosity of spirit to get me through the unexpected death of our 12 year old son, house foreclosure, grad school,unemployment and now in the good times. I'm 54, have a 16 year old son,44 year old husband (he's a hottie) and three pet family members, Jack,Parker and Eli. These people,you Ellen, health,friends,& family are my greatest gifts for which I am so grateful. We moved to festive San Antonio, so I dont get to see most of my friends and family, most of which live in California. We go back three generations in California. Anyway, I said all that to say,your a constant. I get to see your show every day and be joyfilled. Oh yeah and thank you for the Four Agreements, that was a life changing book! Keep doing what you do and BIG LOVE, back atcha, Lauren Johnson
Lady Gaga on Her Boyfriend
245 days ago

My consistently bright parft of my day is watching, my guuurrl, Ellen. You generously host your guess in a way that lets them shine. Lady Gaga stay strong, creative and remember to have fun most of the time, and when it ain't shut it down and regroup. No breaky Gaga. We dont want to eat you up like we did Michael Jackson. Live long and prosper.