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Lauren Hunnicutt
Jamie Foxx, One Direction
586 days ago

OMG!!! One Direction is coming. I am freaking out is what my daughter is been saying. My daughter is going crazy over One Direction. She just starts crying when their song plays on the radios or a video on youtube about them. I have never ever seen her cry so much and scream so loud. My daughter has instagrams, twitters, facebooks, etc all about One Direction. She is determined to moved to London because of them. Anyways I want to tell One Direction thank you for making my daughter so happy and making her feel beautiful. Whens she listens to your songs, she feels beautiful instead of ugly and insecure. One Direction inspires her to have fun in life and to use her voice. Thank you so much. I hope one day I could surprise with One Direction tickets or even a meet n greet. I can't wait to see them on the show but I am little nervous on how my daughter will act. Thanks Ellen