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Ellen's Plea for Sandy Relief
622 days ago


I live on Long Island and I am seeing the devastation that has happened to my friends and their families first hand. Many people I know have had to leave their houses and rent apartments until they can fix the damage. I appreciate that you are trying to raise money and awareness because from what I am hearing from friends out of state, what is really happening on Long Island is not being portrayed on the news well outside of the area. Long Island still as over 160...,000 customers without power (12 days after the storm) and we just endured a snow storm to add insult to injury. Families are freezing in their house with thermostat temperatures reading 50 degrees. Children are cold and have missed 2 weeks of school due to the lack of power and the damages. My town of Massapequa was hit very hard and many people lost their homes and their cars due to flooding. I know sometimes you give out cars to people in need and their are many people on Long Island who are in need (just in case you are looking for people). The wonderful thing is that my mother and I were actually turned away when we brought donations to a local park because they were so overwhelmed with donations, this means the community is really coming together to support one another. Although we can donate food, water, blankets, and clothing to our fellow neighbors - we can't replace their houses, their memories, or their cars. Any help that can be given in this terrible time would be appreciated and I think everyone appreciates the help that has already been given. This is going to be a long rebuilding process and we hope that the rest of the country gives their continued support as time goes on, just as everyone did for Katrina. In addition to the damage and power outages, we are dealing with a gas crisis and have just started gas rationing. Even if people have generators to help heat their houses they are having trouble getting gas to fuel the generator. Thank you for everything you do and for helping to raise money and awareness for those in the NY/NJ area who need the help as the winter months arrive and the weather gets colder. Please, if you are reading this comment and you have the ability, donate to the American Red Cross and help all the families and towns that have lost everything in this storm.

Thank you again :)