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Lauren Blakely
Name Lauren Blakely
Location Forney, Tx
Age 15
Joined 162 days ago
Hobbies Drawing Spending time with my mother and father
About Me Im about to get my license but nobody can afford one for me. We live in a house that we can't afford and is falling apart around us. We have no money.
Lauren Blakely
Sherrie's Life-Changing Surprise
162 days ago

Hi Ellen
I'm one of your biggest fans. I too only watch your show through YouTube because I'm always at school so I never get to see your show but on holidays. I also want to become a teacher. My brother is autistic and was diagnosed when he was 18 months old and right now we are having a tough time because of bills and Both my parents' cars broke down and we are paying for my sisters even though she doesn't live with us. I'm also trying to get a job so that I can help with the bills of paying for the cars and this house thats holding us down, but nobody will hire me. Please help if you can, 7761 fm741 forney tx