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Puppy-Rescuing Firefighters Get a Surprise
267 days ago

I would like to nominate a trio of rescue groups who have joined together to help solve the huge problem of the overpopulation of stray animals in Houston, Texas. This group is called Unity for a Solution ( and they are a fantastic group of rescues that truly need the help of a major donation to really make an impact. You see Houston is “America’s #1 Job Creator” according to The Atlantic and yet we have an estimated 1.2 million homeless animals on our streets!
It is difficult to walk or drive through some areas or neighborhoods without seeing animals that are homeless, hungry, suffering and in need. Others have a home but are un-spayed, unneutered and producing unwanted litters that may end up homeless on the street. Some caring residents try to help by giving them food and water. Animal rescuers try to save others but there are just too many to save. We cannot continue to try to just manage this situation, we need help!
People from around the country ask how unwanted animals can live in such terrible conditions in a city as wealthy as Houston. We often ask ourselves the same thing. It is time to ask our elected officials that question. We need to let them know that we expect and desperately need a humane solution to animal overpopulation in certain parts of Houston that focuses on free and low cost spay and neuter services.
Please take them into consideration for this giveaway, it would help us get better control of this heartbreaking problem Houston has!!