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Laura Perez
Name Laura Perez
Location Santa Ana, CA
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Hobbies Reading, traveling, roadtrips to my favorite City in the world (SF), Being on top of the world on Twin Peaks! Going to baseball, basketball, football, and hockey games. Playing peek a boo with my nephew:)dancing, living each day to the fullest.
About Me I'm the perfect girl any sports driven man would want:) I seek adventures whenever possible with those around me. I love life and the imperfections that comes with it. I'm a part time student, with the motivation to succeed in life every step of the way. I do way more for others than I do for myself, and in return, I'm blessed to be loved by so many in this world. I collect clothes for the needy and recycle blankets that would otherwise be thrown out or donated to the less fortunate. I'm passionate about sports, and faithful to my teams. I'm a Halo Honk (Angels, for 28 years), A Niners Faithful(Official Faithfulista for 28 years), and a Laker fan (even through this horrible slump this year:( for 26 years) I love Sunny SoCal, and Gloomy and beautiful NorCal. I trive to make a difference in this world. I have a bucket list that is actively growing(started off on a post it note, and is now in a journal), and is being checked off slowly but surely.
Laura Perez
Are You Excited for This Year's Super Bowl?
550 days ago

Who wouldn’t be excited about this year’s Super Bowl!?!?! My 49ers are finally going back after 18 years!!! The tears, the thousands of miles on my car, the pain of enduring so many seasons without making it to the playoffs, this right here, this moment, is making up for it all. It's my life long desire to witness my boys in Red and Gold, and be with them until the end. I took a 24 hour road trip to and from San Francisco last year for the NFC, only to come straight to work with no sleep and a heavy heart after they were only 60 minutes away from this great milestone. But we persevered, we fought back all the criticism with a humble heart and kept our heads up high. After 1320 minutes of pre-season, regular season, and post season games, my San Francisco 49ers are going to NEW ORLEANS!!! I will do ANYTHING, and by anything, I mean there are no boundaries! I'll tattoo your name and face on my, and risk the chances of being disowned by my own parents. I'll even name my first child after you, heck, I'll name all of them after you! So please help me get to the Super Bowl, and knock three things off my bucket list (meeting you, going to New Orleans, and seeing my team bring the Lombardi trophy back to California!)There isn't a bigger dream at this moment that I wish to have granted. I don't know when I'll see my team make it again this far, but I need to be there, with my glitter red and gold nail polish to root for my boys! Help this Niners Faithfulista since '84 go to the big game!!